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By accessing our Pakistan matchmaking website, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions along with the applicable laws. We make use of a secured server for your debit/credit card transactions for protection of the debit/credit card info.

About the protection of your information:

Qubool takes the right security measures that include physical, procedural, and electronic measures for safeguarding your confidential information from unwanted access. However, you should also take care of managing and disclosing your personal information. Do not send any personal information to any unsecured email.

We collect two types of information-Private and Public

Private information means email id, contact number, a user-specified password, credit card number, etc. Private information indicates the information that allows others to contact our members or user other than

Public information indicates personal information of the member or user that can be displayed on the website. It includes photographs, gender, age, height, etc.

About using your information:

We collect your information mainly for offering excellent service to you, personalize your experience, managing your account, and accurately communicating with you. Also, we use the collected information for research and analysis for improving our services. It helps us in managing the matrimonial business properly and enforces the right terms and conditions. Additionally, your financial information or payment method is used for processing payment for any purchases made by you on our Pakistan matchmaking website, include you in the offers and discounts given by us, rebate, and other programs in which you show interest to participate. We also take care of your protection against any kind of fraudulent transactions.

We do not sell, rent, or loan your personal information to any organization or individual unless it is required by the law.

About the content of this website:

The content of this matrimony site in Pakistan, including but not limited to images, texts, trademarks referred or used, and other materials contained therein along with the arrangement thereof are the sole property of ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Privacy: is solely for adults starting from 18 years of age and above. We never knowingly collect any personal data from any individual who is under 18 years old.

The site’s products and services are designed for keeping your privacy in mind. The involvement of experts from several fields including legal, security, engineering, product design, and others are there to ensure that no decision is being taken without respecting your privacy. We appreciate that you trust us with your data, and, therefore, always intend to keep that trust.


Qubool is not responsible for any damage caused including general, special, and incidental with respect to the alterations done to the code or inability to use the program properly. It includes but is not limited to the data loss and inaccuracy of information supported by you.

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