Qubool will not refund any payment to any user or member for any reason whatsoever unless it is the case or an error on the part of Qubool and its authorities. It is suggested to read the entire terms and conditions and payment policy before making any payment. Agreeing to our terms and conditions during the creation of your account indicates that you are completely concerned about the refund policy of Qubool.

Again, members who have paid in full and then wish to take it back or have a discount, promotion, or offer out of it, won’t be permitted a refund. You are not allowed to cancel your membership for buying a cheaper deal. We keep your IP address recorded, and reserve the right to ban your account. Kindly note that all monthly subscriptions get automatically rebilled at the end of the previous subscription term. It is clearly displayed to you on your screen during your account creation.

Qubool will not refund any user or member who has decided not to continue to use our matchmaking services.

Again, the refund won’t be given in part or whole for any subscription used or not used by any user or member for any reason. If any member does not wish to be charged or billed after the initial purchase, then he/she must cancel the membership before the scheduled re-billed date. If you do not cancel your membership before the scheduled date, we reserve the right not to pay you a refund due to the mistake you made.

If you have any questions or doubts, please ask our customer care experts before making any purchase from our site. However, any refunds issued by our authorities will be processed and competed with a couple of weeks of the refund request.